Dr Philip Smart is a private billing practitioner. Public (non insured) Australian citizens and permanent residents, Insured (Health Fund) patients and non-resident (Overseas) patients are seen in the office for consultation.
Procedures can be performed at Eastern Health (Box Hill) and Austin Health (Heidelberg) via the public waiting list, as Private (insured) in Public, or as Private in the Epworth group of hospitals (Box Hill, Richmond and East Melbourne).
Fees are payable on the day of consultation by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card (including Amex). Prepayment is required for Teleconsultation. The Medicare rebate can be paid directly into your bank account. 
If you take an account payment is requested within 14 days. A cancellation fee is payable for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours prior to appointment or for an appointment you have failed to attend. 

Consultation Fees

New consultation (up to 30 minutes): $220 (minus $72.75 Medicare rebate)
Review consultation (15 minutes): $120 (minus $36.55 Medicare rebate) 
Prolonged Consultation (more than 30 minutes): $260 (minus $72.75 Medicare rebate)
Sigmoidoscopy (Office procedure, MBS Item 32072): $96 (minus $40.70 Medicare rebate)
Haemorrhoid Banding (Office procedure, MBS Item 32135): $250 (minus Medicare rebate $57.40)
Procedures for Insured patients in a Public Hospital
No Gap (i.e. fee is charged to insurance company with no out of pocket. Please note that no guarantee can be provided that Dr Philip Smart will perform the procedure due to the nature of the public hospital waiting list and Health Department Regulation).
Procedures for Insured patients at the Epworth (Private Hospital)
Fees vary according to your Health Insurance company. A fee estimate will be provided before your procedure. In general a Gap fee is payable for most Health Funds, but will not exceed $500 per procedure. No fee is charged for endsocopy, readmission or reoperation. 
Procedures for non-Insured patients at Epworth (Private Hospital)
In general this is discouraged due to the potential for high unexpected Hospital, Anaesthetic, Radiology and Pathology fees. We will provide a quotation however please note this is an estimate only. Prepayment is required for Surgery and Anaesthetic fees.