What types of patients does Dr Smart see?
Dr Philip Smart is a private billing practitioner. Public (non insured) Australian citizens and permanent residents, Insured (Health Fund) patients and non-resident (Overseas) patients are seen in the office for consultation.

Where does Dr Smart operate?
Procedures can be performed at Eastern Health (Box Hill) and Austin Health (Heidelberg) via the public waiting list or as Private patients at Epworth HealthCare (Epworth Eastern Box Hill, Epworth Kew, Epworth Richmond and Epworth Freemasons, East Melbourne).

What does it cost to see Dr Smart?
New consultation (up to 30 minutes): $220 (minus $75.05 Medicare rebate)
Review consultation (15 minutes): $120 (minus $37.70 Medicare rebate) 
Prolonged Consultation (more than 30 minutes): $260 (minus $75.05 Medicare rebate)
Haemorrhoid Banding or Phenol Injection: (Office procedure): $250 (minus Medicare rebate $58.35)
Procedures for Insured patients in a Public Hospital
In general this is discouraged at it represents cost shifting from State funded public hospitals to the Federal Government, rather than reflecting any differences in provided medical care. Dr Smart does not treat privately insured patients in public hospitals differently to uninsured patients. Normal waiting lists apply, and aftercare is provided by usual hospital medical staff. For patients choosing to use their insurance in a public hospital ‘No Gap’ applies (i.e. fee is charged to insurance company with no out of pocket). Please note that no guarantee can be provided that Dr Smart will perform the procedure due to the nature of the public hospital waiting lists and Health Department Regulations.
Procedures for Insured patients at Epworth HealthCare
Fees vary according to your Health Insurance company. A fee estimate will be provided before your procedure. In general a Gap fee is payable for most Health Funds, but will not exceed $500 per procedure. No fee is charged for endoscopy, readmission or reoperation. 
Procedures for non-Insured patients at Epworth HealthCare
In general this is discouraged due to the potential for high unexpected Hospital, Anaesthetic, Radiology and Pathology fees. We will provide a quotation however please note this is an estimate only. Prepayment is required for Surgery and Anaesthetic fees. 

How can I obtain a medical certificate?
Please email reception@drphilsmart.com.

How can I obtain a repeat prescription?
Repeat scripts are provided only via appointment, because it is the only way to provide quality medical care, avoids potentially dangerous prescribing errors particularly with schedule 8 drugs, and is otherwise unsustainably utilised by a small subset of patients. Regulations around narcotic prescriptions are strict. Dr Smart is a participant in the SafeScript program.

When can I drive?
Dr Smart does not restrict driving following surgery. You may resume driving when you feel able.

When can I return to work?
This will vary by occupation and underlying medical condition, however in general it is safe to return to work when you feel able.

How can I contact Dr Smart?
In office hours please contact us via telephone on 9895 7286. For non urgent requests please email reception@drphilsmart.com. Please note that medical advice can be given via appointment only, not via email. For after hours emergencies please page Dr Smart on 8678 0396.